Making AdSense – How much does Google Adsense pay?

Have you ever thought about earning money online? If yes, you are not alone. There are innumerable people out there making money through the World Wide Web. People use several ways to generate revenue through the internet. One avenue that is increasing in popularity by the day is Google AdSense.
When people surf the internet looking for information, they are directed to various websites. Ads from different advertisers are placed on the search results page or on websites. If you have a website and a Google Adsense account, Adsense displays ads on it and you can earn money through advertising income. Advertisers pay Google for their ads and the website publisher gets a percentage of that from Google. So how much does Google Adsense pay publishers of websites? Your payment depends on the pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM /RPM). While the amount may vary, it usually ranges from a few pennies or a dollar for smaller niche sites to $16 dollars for more popular sites, per click. The actual amount depends on how many visitors your site receives and of those, how many actually choose to click on the ads placed by Adsense on your website. So if you own a highly popular website which attracts a lot of visitors, it will generate a better Google Adsense income.
In Google Adsense CPM, advertisers pay Google for every 1000 ads or impressions displayed on websites through which you can earn a revenue. The AdSense revenue that you earn when visitors click on these ads is called RPM (revenue per thousand impressions).
Here are a few examples that will help you understand CPM Adsense rates in a better way (please note that these are approximate earnings).
For websites with vague, general content – A few cents to $2 RPM
For high value content sites and blogs – $1 to $12 RPM
For product and service-related websites – $ 10 or more RPM

Adsense Revenue
What is the Google Adsense revenue share for publishers of websites? Does it make sense for you as a publisher to use the Adsense network? If you are the publisher of a content website which showcases Adsense ads, Google will give you 68% of the advertising revenue received and recognized by it per click. On the other hand, for search results related to Adsense Ads, you will receive 51% of the revenue recognized by Google per click.

So, Adsense income varies from website to website depending on the quality and context of your content and the amount of traffic your website attracts. So if you have a site with stray pieces of information which don’t make much sense or do not provide interesting insights to your visitor, it is not going to make much headway with traffic to your site or income from ads. On the other hand, detailed, informative content on your topic of interest will generate better results. So if you have a hair care blog, Adsense ads will display ads related to hair products and accessories. A potential visitor to the site already has an interest in hair care and the chances of clicking on an ad relating to a topic they have an interest in will be high. Initially, you may experience slow generation of income through Adsense. But once you understand the working of this product and back it up with your intelligence and hard work, you may find your income increasing as the days go by. Some people have cracked the code to Adsense and increased their money tremendously. There are quite a few Adsense whizzes out there who have earned a fortune in Adsense revenue.

Top Adsense earners
1. Courtney Rosen
Earning: $350,000/month
About: Online how to guide web
Alexa* Rank: 324
Daily Unique Visitors: 3,070,000
Daily Page Views: 20,210,000
Registered In: 1999

2. Pete Cashmore
Earning: $250,000/month
About: Technology, entertainment, business and world
Alexa Rank: 221
Daily Unique Visitors: 3,800,000
Daily Page Views: 29,210,000
Backlinks: 96,776
Registered In: 2005

3. Shawn Hogan
Earning: $195,000/month
About: Blogging and SEO marketing
Alexa Rank: 1008
Daily Unique Visitors: 3,200,000
Daily Page Views: 26,210,000
Backlinks: 8,679
Registered In: 1999

4. Markus Frind
Earning: $190,000/month
About: World dating site
Alexa Rank: 395
Daily Unique Visitors: 3,000,000
Daily Page Views: 20,100,000
Backlinks: 56,369
Registered In: 2000

5. Kevin Rose
Earning: $150,000/month
About: Sharing blogs and contents
Alexa Rank: 482
Daily Unique Visitors: 1,900,000
Daily Page Views: 15,200,000
Backlinks: 630,876
Registered In: 2000

6. Michael Arrington
Earning: $100,000/month
URL : (AOL has bought this website for $20 Million)
About: Technology information and news
Alexa Rank: 409
Daily Unique Visitors: 2,100,000
Daily Page Views: 13,100,000
Backlinks: 87,701
Registered In: 2011

7. Perez Hilton
Earning: $60,000/month
About: Celebrity lifestyle and news
Alexa Rank: 107
Daily Unique Visitors: 1,000,000
Daily Page Views: 1,210,000
Backlinks: 13,172
Registered In: 2005
8. Jeremy Schoemaker
Earning: $20,000/month
About: Skills to pay the bills
Alexa Rank: 17900
Daily Unique Visitors: 70,000
Daily Page Views: 410,000
Backlinks: 2,488
Registered In: 2003
9. Amit Agarwal
Earning: $10,000/month
About: Technology Blog
Alexa Rank: 2795
Daily Unique Visitors: 150,000
Daily Page Views: 300,000
Backlinks: 8,144
Registered In: 2007
10. Pankaj Agarwal
Earning: $9,000/month
About: Buying and Selling Ads
Alexa Rank: 4766
Daily Unique Visitors: 130,000
Daily Page Views: 1,000,000
Backlinks: 1,585
Registered In: 2003
*(Alexa Internet Inc. is a company that offers data on website traffic and global rankings among other things)

The rankings of the top AdSense earners fluctuate with each passing month and you may see new faces who have catapulted into the rankings.

These achievers have definitely shown the way to all those enterprising people out there who wish to generate more Google Adsense income. You can look at the websites of these toppers to see what they been doing to get it right. Get inspired.

Don’t have a website? Buy Adsense websites for sale
For those of you who want a part of the Adsense pie, but don’t have a website, you can consider buying one. There are already established Adsense websites who may want to sell their site for various reasons. If you like their content/products and understand Adsense, you can think of buying one. You can buy it by meeting up with sellers or choose the internet to zero in on your choice of website. The popular online sites for purchasing Adsense websites include Flippa and Ebay. Buying an established website require a fair amount of thought. You have to weigh the pros and cons before buying a website.

First of all, you need to be comfortable with technology and have an understanding about websites. Importantly, you also need to have the money to buy one. You don’t need to be a millionaire but small savings will definitely come in handy. The cost of buying a website varies depending on the website and traffic. Before purchasing, make it a point to know all the details or you may get scammed. Do a background check and understand the content of the site, traffic, Adsense revenue over a period of time and various other details before buying it. There are many sites through which you can get a listing of AdSense websites for sale and buy one if needed. Transfer the site to your name and hosting account. You need to continue the good work on the site after you have purchased it by updating it regularly with suitable content or products. That part won’t be tough because you already have a team in place from your seller. Think of ways to increase your Adsense revenue without compromising on your content.

Google Adsense Review
For publishers looking to generate money from their sites or blogs, one of the oldest and most popular players in the arena is Google Adsense. Let’s take a look at its pros and cons in this Google Adsense review.
Plus Points
• Google as a brand is one of the most trusted names in the business with over 15 years of expertise
• Easy to set up an Adsense account and navigate the system.
• Ability to analyse the words of the website with related advertisements to be placed on the site. As a result the number of page views and visitors are much higher for Adsense compared to other sites. Adsense also has a huge volume of advertisers. This leads to income generation for Adsense and the publisher as visitors are more likely to click on an ad that pertains to their field of interest.
• Publishers have a fair amount of freedom in deciding the look of the ads and also the type of ad that can be placed on their site.
• Adsense offers 68% and 58% of the revenue generated from ads per click to their publishers. This again, is better than what the competitors offer.
• The Adsense sandbox tool is a preview tool. It is a great way for you to put any keyword into the search box which in turn will show you the ads that are most likely to come up on your website/blog, For e.g. if the content of your site is about gardening, entering the right Adsense keyword related to your topic will throw up the desired ads. In this case it could be gardening tools or vegetable seeds. If you find the best keyword for your content website using the Adsense sandbox, you can get the best possible matches in terms of ads. The result will be more clicks and more money.

Minus Points
• When buying already existing Adsense websites, potential buyers are often scammed leading to a loss of money.
• The sole intent of some unscrupulous publishers is to make money. That is what most Made for Adsense (MFA) sites do. Barring a few exceptions, most MFAs have content that has no valuable information. They only put up links which are actually Adsense ads and the only content they have may be stolen from other sites.
• A problem that most publishers face with Adsense is that in the eventuality of a glitch in their account or technical issue, there is no one in Google with whom they can directly interact. Other than the big publishers who get a direct interface, the smaller ones have to rely on the internet information systems to solve their problem.
• It’s easy to have your account banned for a variety of reasons and your attempts to reactivate it may be met with an unsuccessful response.
As with any product, google Adsense has its share of advantages and disadvantages but it is becoming increasingly popular with publishers of websites. A vast gamut of wesbites and blogs can benefit by using this network but Google has policies in place which prevent websites with the following content from using Adsense:
Violence, pornography, racism, illicit drugs, sales of beer or hard alcohol, sales of tobacco or tobacco-related products, sales of prescription drugs, sales of weapons or ammunition, sales or distribution of coursework or student essays, programs which compensate users for clicking ads or offers, performing searches, surfing websites, or reading emails, any other illegal content.

Overall, barring a few problems, Google Adsense makes perfect sense for the publisher!

Are there Google Adsense Alternative choices?
While most people rely on Adsense for best monetization possibilities for their site, some people encounter problems either with the account or other glitches. As is the case with most products, there are other fish in the sea that can cater to your needs. In case, you are not happy with Adsense or just wish to try something new, here a few alternatives. Most of these sites pay you via Paypal, Wire Transfer and a few other ways.
Adversal is a CPM ad network which is a great alternative to Adsense. They also ensure that your website gets the best results and revenues from their ads. Your content type and traffic determine the payment rates in Adversal. Languages other than English also work well on this network. Your website needs to have at least 50,0000 page views in a month to qualify for Adversal. If you have, you can be rest assured that your income generated will be a good one.
If you are looking for something that has the features of Adsense, Chitika is your best bet. It gives the publisher the same freedom that Adsense offers. Chitika’s account approval is easy and the payment rates are also good. Another plus point is that Chitika can be used along with Adsense on websites and blogs.
If you have ad space on your website or blog and are looking out for advertisers, BuySellAds is a good choice. While it is not a CPC program, it has a huge database of advertisers and allows you to sell a space unit to customers depending on the kind of traffic they want. BuySellAds finds customers for you, helps you to get a good price from them and takes a small percentage of it as their income. It works well for them, the advertiser and of course, the publisher.
Amazon Associates
It is not a CPC or CPM program, but the biggest online store in the world is a good alternative to Adsense. If your website has content about Amazon products you can collaborate with them to put image ads on your site. If a customer clicks on the Amazon link on your site and buys something, you get a commission. Depending on the cost of the product, you may receive anything from a few cents to a couple of hundred dollars. Amazon Associates and Adsense can be used together at the same time.
The Clicksor network lets you display text, contextual and popup ads on your website or blog. Publishers can get up to 60% of the revenue depending on the type of ad. Publishers can place the ads in a way that doesn’t affect the content and design of their website. Image/text banners or rich media banners and other types of advertising that can attract potential visitors can be put up on the site.
If you are planning to monetize your blog or website, Viglink is a good choice. It focuses on affiliate sales and you can make money if your website has links to other businesses or product pages. It has a collaboration for these purposes with Walmart, Ebay and Amazon among others. It hyperlinks keywords in your website to product pages from the companies mentioned and several other sites. The end result is that you may end up making a good amount of money.
Another network that uses keywords and hyperlinks to generate income is Infolinks. It works on the PPC method and every click on the keyword can generate income. Infolinks accesses your pages and adds a few hyperlinks in your text. So basically the advertisement is inserted in your text through the keyword. Your income inflow maybe slow at first but it can pick up eventually.
So if you are thinking of taking your website to the next level, you will be spoiled for choices.

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