Make Money Online: Teens & Students

Are you feeling fed up with your demanding after-school job? Are you a sick of working at the local burger joint all weekend instead of spending time with your friends? Whatever your situation might be, you are not alone! With some simple guidance and nothing more than your laptop, you can start working online, and earning money from the comfort of your own room.

As a teenager in this new world, where technology reigns supreme, there are opportunities available today that put you miles ahead of adults. You live in a technical world, and naturally communicate with Social Media. The world is your oyster – you just gotta take it!

I want to help you discover this new world, and the opportunities available to you. There are more ways to make a living online today than ever before. And you can continue to grow that business for as long as you want.

Ways for Teens to Make Money Online

I have put together an informative list of some simple ways you can get started making money online. This list is really just to give you some ideas – there are literally limitless ways for teenagers to make money online.


A freelancer is someone who works for themselves, and does small jobs for others. Some of the more popular areas freelancers work in are:

  • Journalism
  • Programming
  • Photography
  • Web Design
  • Writing
  • Graphic Arts

If you are already good in particular area like one listed above, you should really incorporate freelancing into your plans. Even if you do not take jobs all the time, freelancing is like a switch; you can turn it on and off whenever you want. If you ever need some quick cash – you can always pick up a few freelancing jobs.

FreelancerOnline Surveys:

Online Surveys are one of the easiest jobs for teenagers to do, and I recommend it to all teenagers. Did you know that teenagers are one of the hardest demographics for marketers to advertise to?  Marketers literally have no idea how to market to teenagers anymore. This makes surveys super important to them, and they are willing to pay top-dollar to get honest and accurate feedback from teenagers.

There are several Online Survey sites that teenagers are able to sign up to. Survey sites are a great way to earn some quick cash. And being a teenager means you usually can get quite a few surveys really quickly. All you need is a PayPal account and some time. IF you want to maximize the amount of money you make from taking surveys, there are a ton of sites you can sign up with. Each site has different terms and conditions, so make sure you pay attention to those as well.

Another great thing about survey sites is that some of them offer really cool referral programs. What that means is – they want you to tell all your friends about their survey site. They want you to so much that they are willing to give you a cut every time someone you refer to their site takes a survey. You can get paid to do NOTHING!

Set Up an Online Store

E-Commerce has been around for years, but it is still growing. People are willing to spend more and more money each year online and trust me; there is a ton of money to be made.

Creating an online store can be an immensely rewarding way to make money online as a teenager. In most cases, all you need to get set up is a PayPal account, an online store, and something to sell. Finding something to sell can be the hardest part, and coming up with the initial funding can make it seem all but impossible, but it can be done.

There are lots of ways you can grow an online store, from creating your own label, to drop shipping and not having to worry about managing stock levels. If you want something you can build up and work on over time, an online store is a great way to go!

Selling on Amazon

One way to get some money rolling in is to use Amazon. Amazon has a terrific program called FBA or, Fulfilment by Amazon.

There is a really handy application for Android phones that can help you with FBA. It is called Profit Bandit. Profit bandit allows you to go shopping and scan just about any items barcode with your phone.  It then checks Amazon and is able to quickly calculate a very accurate profit figure, which includes postage and all of Amazon’s fees. This will quickly let you determine if a product and is good to sell or not.

Once you find a good product, or several products, you pack up the items, box them up, and send them to Amazon. That is it – All you have to do is sit back and monitor the prices and answer any customer service questions on the rare occasion that they come in. Other than that, it is sit back and earn.

It can take a couple of months to really start to make some money, but FBA is a great way to raise capital. Once you have a sufficient amount of money tied up in products, you can either start to draw money off of it, or let your products sell down and cash out – so you can re-invest your money elsewhere.

Virtual TutoringVirtual Tutoring

Are you really good in one or two particular subjects in school? Maybe you should try Virtual Tutoring. Virtual Tutors are in high demand, and you can earn $10+ per hour by Virtual Tutoring. All you need is a Webcam and Skype and you are set.

You can now create your own website, or just advertise your Virtual Tutoring service on social media and you should have some clients in no time. You’ll be self-employed and profit from what you are already good at!

One of the ways of how to many money online for teenagers is providing tutoring services. There are several online companies that always look for people with specific skills to train their members. You just have to identify what you feel you can do best, and register as a tutor. You may have to take some tests to establish your capabilities.


If you are really passionate about a specific topic or hobby and you simply can’t stop talking about it, maybe you should consider starting your own blog. Blogs do take a lot longer to start making money from, but generally, once you have established a following, your earning go up and up and up month after month.

If you are discovered by someone who wants to advertise on your site, that is more money for you! There is even a possibility that someone will contact you and ask you to do a review on their product. Usually, they will give you the product for free to try, as long as you write a review about it. Who doesn’t like free stuff?

*Playing online games for pay:

If you are looking for the most interesting way to earn money online, then you can try playing online games. There are several companies that pay you to test a game, and share it with other people. If you love engaging in online games, then you should make it even more interesting by earning money from playing. Just control yourself so that it doesn’t turn into an addiction.

Drop Out - Or Go To SchoolMake Money Online or Go To School

In our world today, where technology has virtually taken over a lot of businesses, the online world has created a huge opportunity for those who have a bit of the entrepreneurial bug, and want to make extra money without having to step out of their homes. Who needs to usual after-school job when you can earn money 7 days a week? You get your weekends back with your friends, and if you budget wisely, you will always have money in the bank.

And when it comes to school, there are lots of people who have paid for their entire college education, just by working online part-time at night. And if your company takes off, you might join the list of the elite entrepreneurs who left school to run their business. Here are just a few billionares who dropped out of school:

  • Bill Gates (Microsoft)
  • Richard Branson (Virgin)
  • Michael Dell (Dell Computers)
  • Henry Ford (Ford)
  • Walt Disney (Disney)
  • Ray Kroc (McDonalds)
  • Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)

Source: My Top Business Ideas


Remember – the best part of running your own online business while working your way through school is if you do decide to go out and get a real 9-5 job after you finish, you will already have a great start to your resume. That is right – you can add your online businesses to your resume. Not only will this look great to potential employers, but it will put the other applicants miles behind you in real world experience.

Advantages to Making Money Online

The biggest advantage that you as a teenager have today is that you have never known a world without the internet, email, cell phones and text messages. While many adults are more cautious with their decisions, teenagers generally are not. There is no fear in your decision-making. It is just push forward and keep pushing. And if you don’t succeed, you are already busy pushing somewhere else.

Whatever path you choose, make sure you keep on pushing!

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