How to earn money online free: We answer your questions

The internet has changed our daily life in a lot of ways during the last twenty years. And with the next evolution steps like Smartwatches and the Internet of Things starting to show their potential we can be sure, that the internet will keep changing our daily life for at least another twenty years.

Change offers always opportunities, that could be used to make money. This is why we decided to write a little FAQ, answering a couple of questions people asked us that are related to the question „How to earn money online“. Reading this FAQ will help to understand some specific ways of making money online. Of course we are not able to cover everything here, so in case you have a question we have not answered yet, just write us an e-mail.


How to make money online for free?

This question has the focus on the “free” part of making money online. There are plenty ways to spend money to leverage your online business, but here we want to show you some ways to make money online for free.

An easy way to start earning some money in the Internet is using Craigslist to sell your services and your goods. Craigslist is popular and easy to use, but the best thing about it is, that it is free. If you have a skill that might be interesting for other people, Craigslist is a nice way to promote yourself. Here are some examples of skills you could promote over Craigslist:

  • Babysitting
  • Tutoring
  • Car repair / car checks
  • Dog Walking
  • House Sitting
  • Teach a foreign language
  • Escort Services

Of course there are plenty of more services or skills that you could offer on Craiglist. Just take a look at the current offerings and see what you could offer too.

How to make money online for free?

Offering your car repairing skills is an easy way to make some money online for free

Craigslist also allow you to sell stuff here for free. If you are skilled in creating products, you can sell your creations on Craigslist or on Etsy.

Another platform that let you sell your skills for free is There you can sell your technical knowledge by transferring a homepage from Blogger to WordPress, you can proofread or write content for clients or you can design logos or homepages. Fiverr is growing rapidly and the competition is getting fiercer, but it is an excellent platform to market your skills for free.

These are not easy ways to make money, but they are free and require no investment of money. So overall this should give you some ideas on how to make money online for free.


How to make extra money online?

How can you make some extra money online while working fulltime? It is possible and there are several ways to achieve an extra income online, but it requires discipline.

Most online businesses can be started on the side while working a normal 9 to 5 job. The hard part is to sustain the urge to just sit down and watch TV after you get home from work, but instead start working on your online business. Since most online businesses take a while to finally fly it can be demotivating to invest so much hours after your normal work without seeing any results. So the best advice we can give here is to stay active, work on your business regularly and eventually success will come.

There are hundreds of ways to open a sustainable online side business and most of these ideas could become with proper execution one day your main business.

Making money online on the side is a good way to get into the online business world. You will learn a lot of different things, expand your horizon and find new makes to make money online along your journey. Probably 99% of all online businesses started as a side gig that turned into a fulltime job. So take the first steps and begin your journey now.

Of course you also could transfer ways of making money extra money offline into the online world to answer the question “How to make extra money offline”. Just sell your stuff not at a yard sale, but on eBay for example. You have to pay a little fee, but overall it is more convenient and you should be able to net a higher profit.

How to make extra money online

You will have to choose working over watching TV if you want make extra money online


How to make money online for teens?

When I was a child, I worked at a local cinema for a couple of months. I did not like working there, but I needed the money. At the age of 18 I discovered the internet as a potential way to earn money and started to dive into the online business world. Since then I created a lot of different online projects, some failed hard, some showed some kind of success and some are now allowing me live of them.

Starting an online business as a teenager has some advantages. You have a lot of free time, you don’t have to earn any money since you don’t have bills or a family to feed and you are probably sitting in front of a screen for most of the day anyways.

These advantages allow you to experiment with different ways to earn money online and your age is not limiting your opportunities for once.

I personally read a couple of blogs, where people described how to make money building a niche site. I was eager to try it on my own and so I started a couple of homepages. The first one failed miserably, the second one was a waste of time too but my third project is still up and running. There earnings are about 50 bucks a month, which is not much, but I have not invested any energy or time in this project and it has still earned me some money over the last couple of years.

The more time you spent researching and reading about setting up profitable business ideas, the better your online business will get. So don’t expect to get rich over night, but keep working on it constantly for some months or even years. Since you have no pressure to earn money right away you can experiment so much more and once you found a system working to generate an income, you might be able to leverage this into a sustainable 5 figure / month online business. This would mean, that you will never have to work in a normal job in your life.

The internet has no age limit. So asking yourself the question “How to make money online for teenagers”, might be the first step into the world of online businesses.


How to make money online for teens?

Even teenagers can start their online business and make some decent money online

How to make money fast online?

Sometimes your bills add up and you are looking desperately for ways to make some quick bucks. The internet might help you to make some quick money.

The best way for anyone to make some money is the Mechanical Turk from Amazon. People or companies pay you a couple of cents to do a simple task. The advantage is, that you don’t need any kind of knowledge or skill to perform most of the tasks listed there. All you need to earn some money online is the investment of time. The disadvantage is the rather low earning potential.

Once you find a job that pays quite okay and is easy to perform you can start right away. I recommend trying to find ways to complete the task in a faster and more efficient manner. Even if you just save five seconds every time you complete the task, this could add up. Sometimes it even is possible to automate part of the tasks, which speeds things up too.

So in case you need to make money online fast, just check the current offers at the Mechanical Turk and start working. Your hourly pay probably will be less than minimum wage, but at least you generate some income immediately.

Of course there are plenty of other options, to make quick money online. Just google a little bit, do some research and get used to the opportunities of the internet.


How to make money fast online?

The Mechanical Turk form Amazon is one way to make a quick buck online

How to make easy money online?

We have covered already different aspects about earning money online. Now it is about possibilities to make money the easy way on the internet.

Some of the ideas in this list to make easy money online have already been mentioned on this page, some are completely new:

  • Sell old clothes online
  • Offer an empty bedroom on Airbnb
  • Complete Mechanical Turk tasks
  • Take online surveys
  • Offer your services on Craigslist and Fiverr
  • Refer a friend to a job offer and get a commission

Of course it is not easy to offer a bedroom on Airbnb if you don’t have an empty room. But in case you have one, this might be an easy, convenient way to earn hundreds of dollars online without a lot of work. I used Airbnb as student to rent out my bedroom during the summer breaks. All I had to do was to clean out the room after every guest and hand them the keys. I charged 45 bucks per night for two persons and overall I earned close to 1500 Dollars with Airbnb.

The other ideas on the list don’t need a detailed explanation. Use ebay etc. to sell your clothes, we will talk about making money with online surveys in one of the next FAQ questions here, we talked already about Craigslist, Fiverr and the Mechanical Turk, so I will explain briefly the concept of referring jobs.

A lot of companies spend a lot of moneys to find a suitable employee. Especially if they are looking for a graduate in a narrow field they are willing to pay a couple of hundred dollars to people referring successful applicants to them. So just ask your friends who is looking for a new job and try to find a perfect matching company that is looking for skilled employees. In case they don’t offer a commission right away call them and ask for a commission in case you refer them an employee successfully.

How to make easy money online?

Offering an unused room on Airbnb is an easy way to make easy money.


How to make a lot of money online?

Here we are talking not about earning some bucks once in a while. No, we are focusing on ways to build an online business that enables us to earn a lot of money online. Of course “a lot” is no concrete number and varies for everyone. In my case I consider an online business averaging over 10,000 dollars profit per month as something that earns a lot of money. So this paragraph describes way to get your online business into these dimensions.

Most online businesses start small without a lot of investments in the first place. You normally would want to setup a nice looking homepage, create a Facebook page and start building your brand. Since the internet is full of competition we recommend to focus on a narrow niche in the beginning and start solving burning problems for this niche. Once you become a known expert in this niche you should be able to charge for products or consultant services. This takes you normally quite a while and enables you to net some hundreds bucks a month. But we won’t stop here. The next step is to expand your business to another close niche. Since you already are the number one in your narrow niche your start your expansion from a strong position.

So if you are the number one expert for “dating advices for engineers” you could expand you business to cover “master social skills as an engineer” and so on. Eventually you might offer all sort of courses helping engineers to improve their dating skills, their social skills and their money spending behavior. You even might consider expanding to different jobs like programmers etc. once you completed the engineer niche. Just make sure, that you offer real value for every small niche you target. Eventually you will be able to expand your business and your earnings step by step. This is how to make a lot of money online the right way.

How to make a lot of money online?

An online business is one way to really earn a lot of money


How to make money from home online?

One of the best things of having an online business, is that you can work from wherever you want. All you need is a stable, fast internet connection. So yes, you could make money working from home, but this might not be the best idea. I recommend working from a coworking space or if you want to save some money just work from a coffee shop. It is tempting to work from home, but sometimes there are just to many distractions at home limiting your productivity. Another downside of working from your home office is the fact that you are alone all day. You will probably talk with other people throughout the day but most communication will be online. Social isolation might occur, so for me it really helped to go out and work from coffee shops. By now I have like seven different coffee shops I like and I visit them regularly. I like this procedure, because once I get back home, I know that I am done working and don’t have a bad feeling when I watch Game of Thrones.


How to make money online surveys?

Companies are doing a lot of market research. The internet has developed an easy way for them to gather real market data for just a couple of pennies. So it is no wonder that there are umpteen services out there offering you money for your opinion. Just google it and start making money with online surveys. This won’t make you rich, but it is a nice way to trade too much time into some bucks.


To sum it all up, this video might give you some online business ideas:

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