How to Build a Private Blog Network


A Private Blog Network otherwise known as a PBN is a group of blogs that are somehow connected together. Normally all the sites are owned by the same company and used to promote other sites to increase traffic and revenue. At one time this was a very common practice for Search Engine Optimization however in recent years this practice has received penalties from Google which causes loss of rankings.

These blog networks have become less popular because Google has decided to penalize building links in this way. These blog networks have been considered an unethical Black Hat SEO.

The old style of blog network has now transitioned into something which is less traceable to reduce the risk of being penalized. Properly building a private blog network can be tricky. It has now become standard practice to create these blog networks through the use of expired domains in order to take advantage of existing backlines to these domains. In this article we are going to cover how to build a private blog network and reduce your risk of getting penalized.Private Blog Network

Finding Expired Domain

There are currently a couple of popular ways that people use to find expired domains. One common solution is to purchase a domain at an action site. There are several sites available where you can purchase expired domains. You will pay more for purchasing sites from companies that specialize in this type of venture, however it eliminates the need for you to do a lot of the research yourself and can save you a considerable amount of time. You will also need to go through the process of checking the history of the site checking for spam and to assure you are spending your money on a good quality site.

Make sure you find a domain with a good Domain Authority before you make your purchase. The higher the domain authority, the better the site will be for your blog network. Normally you will want to find sites that have a DA of 30 or above. Keep in mind that the higher the DA is, the higher the domain will cost on an auction site.

  • DA 30 can be purchased for under $100
  • DA 40 can be purchased for under $200
  • DA 50+ are rare finds and can cost over $400



Another common method that people use is Xenu’s Link Sleuth which will crawl websites for domains. You have to manually filter out the results and scrub your list to find a list of possible domains that have expired to start researching. You then have to check the eligibility, site rank, and historical content of your finding. This process is very time intensive but is a good choice for someone working on a tight budget.



Hosting is another key to building a proper network. There are several good host available that will allow you to purchase one account and then add multiple domains to your parent account. This is a good way to save a lot of money, but a very bad way to try and build out your network. The problem with building everything off one account is that every domain you build will have a footprint leading back to that one account. Google will easily catch this type of hosting and you will quickly be penalized for this type of practice.

The best solution is to host your domains with multiple providers and use multiple accounts. Your goal is to spread your network around so you do not leave a footprint that is easy to trace. Each domain you register should be registered to a different IP address and subnet. There are a few hosting companies available such as Hostnine that will allow you to purchase one account and host multiple domains on that account on different servers scattered all over the world. This is a great solution for someone that wants to build out their PBN and still save a little money while doing it.

Avoid using one provider for all your hosting. You should try and spread your sites around and try not to have more than 20% of your sites with any one particular provider. Having multiple providers will reduce your footprint and help reduce the risk of being penalized. Let’s say for example you have the majority of your sites hosted with one provider and something happens to that provider such as getting hacked and taking all your sites down or loading them up with spam. This can be a major setback hitting the majority of your sites at one time and can cause a considerable amount of financial loss.

Other types of host to avoid are the very cheap providers offering packages for a few dollars per year or even offering free hosting. These types of sites usually do not provide very good support and seem to get hacked more often than others.

It is also common practice to use a false name when you register your new found site. By using the same contact information for each site, this might leave a footprint that might be traceable back to all your sites. Try to avoid this possible problem by registering your domain by using a false name and contact information. However, make sure that you do use a valid email address for the site and hosting to assure that you will be able to receive all emails by your providers. A common practice is to setup a separate email account for each one of your domains by using one of the popular free email providers. Most providers will contact you via email regarding any issues such as payments being due or domain name expiring. Make sure you periodically check all your email accounts to assure that one of your domains doesn’t get suspended for nonpayment or something like that.



How to Setup a Private Blog Network

Now that you have your domain, it is time to setup the website. The advantage of purchasing an expired domain is to take advantage of the domain authority the domain has earned from the previous site. In some cases there can still be sites that currently have links to the domain you just purchased. Take advantage of these links by recreating the pages that are currently linked so that they match the previous page. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get quality links to your site.

When you create your new site, make sure you build a theme that is similar to the previous site. You will also want to make sure the site is flexible enough to add various types of content while maintaining the site theme. If you plan this out at the beginning it will make it much easier later on when you want to create links to various other types of sites.

After you have decided on your theme, the next step in building out your site is to create seed content to get the site started. Publish between 3 to 5 pages in order to give it the look and feel that you want. Make sure these pages are created around the theme that you want your site to have. Do your keyword research to make sure your keywords match the theme also.

I’m sure that you have seen many sites all having different designs. A good way to help assure your site is recognized properly for the theme you want it to be recognized for is to have three post at the top of your homepage that reflects the theme you are wanting to maintain. One trick is to use sticky post to assure that these post stay at the top of your page.

After your site is properly indexed, it is time to start adding content. Create ten full length articles which should be displayed on your home page. Each of these articles should be between 500 to 1500 words. Don’t make them all to short and don’t make them all extremely long. It’s best practice to have a nice mix of articles. Within these ten articles you will want to create one to two links total to your money site.

Another thing to keep in mind when link building is to stager your link pages. You should consistently be adding content to your sites, and avoid adding several pages at once then nothing for a long period of time. It’s normal for only a certain number of post to display on one page then they fall into an archive. Try to avoid having several of your link pages fall off the page at one time. Stager creating post to avoid having them all your links to your money site suddenly fall of. You should have several sites in your PBN so consider staggering the links from each site.

Work Flow for Building Site

  • Buy Domain
  • Install Word Press
  • Create Deed Content
  • Wait for Index
  • Add Graphics
  • Create Content


Link InjectionLink Injection

Link Injection is a common way of providing a link to your site from within the content of an article. Link injection can be a little tricky because you want your article to match your site theme but it also needs to match the theme of the site you are linking to. Sometimes you might need to get a little creative in order to make this happen.

Lets say for example you have a business related site and you want to create a link to a sight for a dental office. There are several ways you can pull this off. One way would to be to write an article about how today’s economy is causing an effect on small business. Use a few examples of small business that are affected including some that are in the medical field. Make sure you include your dental office as one of the examples. Within the text of the article, add a link to the dental offices main web page. Try to avoid using an exact keyword match in your article for the link; the article should be more natural. The article will be money related, meeting the theme of your site, and also relate to the medical theme in order to relate to the dental site.

If you’re having trouble finding a way to link the two different sites, turn to the internet and do a few searches. Check out google news articles. Of just do a standard search on Google or Bing using a few combinations of key words. Usually if you do enough looking around, you’ll find something that will help you relate the two sites together.


There are a few ways you can earn money from your PBN.

Sell Links

In order to sell links to people from your PBN network, you need to establish trust. Others will want to know that you are knowledgeable and have a great track record for providing good quality links and traffic to their website. One think you can do is to provide them with a few samples of the sites that you are going to use to build their links. Don’t give them a complete list, but provide a few great quality sites so they can see that the sites are very high quality.

You should also provide reports to your customers that you sell links to showing the before and after results of your work. You can also use these reports to show potential customers the type of work you are capable of doing. Just make sure that you block out any information that displays any names, contact information, or websites on these reports.

It can be difficult finding customer especially if you are just starting out in this type of business. This is the time to toot your own horn and get yourself noticed. Take advantage of Linkedin and social media sites to get the word out. Talk to people you might know or local business. Ask them what kind of business they are getting from their website and what kind of traffic are they getting. This can give you a good opportunity to get some local businesses and great references.

Link to Your Own Money Site

The most common reason for people to build a PBN network is to link to their own money site. The intent is to provide high DA links to their money site in order to increase the DA of the site. This will help the money site get a higher rank in the Google search engine which in turn should bring more traffic and help to earn more money.

Turn Expired Domain into a Money Site

You can also consider turning your PBN site into a money site. This can take some time to do because the site will usually have a waiting period before it passes the Google sandbox and can start ranking. The site should be a broad site with no spam and the pages need to be indexed by Google.


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