Flexjobs Review – Is it Legit?

People need money to be able to enjoy life’s pleasures, and the only legit ways to have it is through entrepreneurship or employment. However, not everybody can put up a business or work outside. This is where work-from-home becomes an advantage. Working at home allows for a flexible schedule, which is why it became a hit among parents. If you have no idea how to get started, then head to FlexJobs.com and kickstart your work-from-home dream.


How it Works

FlexJobs is a website that gathers job postings for telecommuting and flexible jobs. It basically brings you all your options, so you can just choose whichever job you like. The website currently offers more than 20,000 jobs from over 3,816 companies. With so many job postings to choose from, you will surely find one that will best fits your taste.

The website works by filtering out the scams, so you will have legit options to choose from. You will find listings of part-time, freelance, flex-time, and telecommuting jobs. All of these positions are legit, and none of them are the work-from-home scams that you normally see on other websites.

FlexJobs, however, is not the website for people who are looking to create an online business from home. The opportunities listed on the website target people who are looking for work-from-home jobs. It should be noted that FlexJobs charges a membership fee. This allows them to offer an online recruiting service without the need for advertising.

In addition, FlexJobs charges a fee from job seekers because this helps them convince business owners to post their job offers for free. Rest assured that you are given the highest quality of listings, making the membership fee well worth it. When you sign up in FlexJobs, you will be given three membership options:

  • 30-day membership worth $14.95;
  • 3-month membership worth $29.95;
  • And a one-year membership worth $49.95.


If you choose to sign up more than a month at a time, then you will get a better deal. You can also opt to cancel at any time. However, be aware that cancelling your membership in the middle of the month will not in prorated refund. You can only ask for a refund of the remaining months that you have paid ahead.

The company has also stated that you can only ask for a refund if you feel that they failed to provide the service promised. In addition, it is important to immediately cancel your membership once your 30-day subscription has been consumed. This will help you avoid being automatically charged for every month that you forget to cancel your membership. Once you have decided on your desired membership, you can freely search around the website and find your dream work-from-home job.


Benefits of Flexjobs

For most people, working from home provides them comfort, safety, and more savings. You gain more control of your schedule, and use your excess time for better use. Parents, particularly mothers, see work-from-home jobs as favorable. They get to spend more time with their family. When you sign up, FlexJobs promises the following:


Best Job Leads

FlexJobs has well-trained staff members who constantly search the Internet for the most legitimate, reliable, and professional job leads across the industry. Each employer is thoroughly screened, taking out the scams. With this task well taken care of, you no longer have to go through the hassle of screening potential employers on your own. This also reduces your risk of encountering scam websites.


Over 50 Various Job Categories to Choose From

Whether you are looking for telecommuting, freelance, part-time, or flex-time jobs, FlexJobs has all these options made available for you to choose from. The website offers over 50 job categories. With a wide range of job options, you will surely find one that matches your requirements. It is basically a one-stop-shop for online job seekers.


Tailored Fit Job Leads

FlexJobs will automatically send you top quality job leads, according to the information that you have provided when you signed up. Simply list the jobs that you are interested in, and the website will do the rest of the work for you. Your only task is to choose your dream job and start your work-from-home journey.


User-Friendly Resume Builder

Are you having trouble with your resume? If you have no idea how to create a professional-looking resume, then allow FlexJobs to help you do it. The website offers an easy resume builder, so you can immediately apply to your desired employers.


No Misleading Advertisements

FlexJobs do not display misleading ads just to grow money. In fact, the website only relies on membership fees to run its operations. All the job postings have been well-screened, unlike its competitors.


Better Busines Bureau Accredited

The Better Business Bureau is a nonprofit group that focuses on improving marketplace trust. Founded in 1912, the organization consists of 112 BBB groups in the United States that are independently incorporated. This accreditation shows that FlexJobs is legit, and not a scam.


Backed by the Big Names

FlexJobs is also backed by the big names in the media industry, such as NBC, CNN, USA Today, and more. The company has also been featured on Good Morning America. With so much media exposure, it is no wonder why FlexJobs successfully gathered thousands of employers nationwide.


Money Back Guarantee

The company offers a full refund for members who were not happy with their service. As mentioned earlier, however, it is best to cancel your membership after the month has passed. Cancelling your membership in the middle of the month will not give you prorated refund.


Getting Started

The sign-up process is easy. Once you have completed the application, a customer service agent may greet you and provide a discount code, so you can get the membership at a lower rate. There has been no bad feedback concerning the money-back policy.

You need to input all related information, including your skills and job experience. You can either upload your resume or create a new one using the resume builder. The website allows you to start searching for jobs once your profile goes public. You can also choose to receive job alerts by email.

If you have any concerns regarding their service, you can contact their support team by email, by phone, by postal mail, or via real-time online chat. You need to take note that the customer support team can only reply to your concerns during business hours. Their support team has been consistent is giving quick responses, usually within one business day.


The Verdict: Flexjobs is Worth a Shot


FlexJobs is not a scam. It is a legit job search website that offers postings from highly reliable employers. There is a minimal membership fee involved, but the high quality service will make your investment well worth it.

FlexJobs also has a money-back guarantee for members who were unhappy with the service, just remember to avoid making cancellations in the middle of the month. Overall, FlexJobs is worth the effort and money. It is a useful site for people who want flexible home-based jobs, like parents who want more time with their family. With thousands of jobs to choose from, finding the best work-from-home job is easier than ever.




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