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There are several reasons people purchase expired domains, but one of the most popular reasons these days is to build out a Private Blog Network. There are many online resources that can provide you with useful information about finding expired domain names. Keep in mind that this covers how to buy expired domains and an expired domain is different than registering a new name. Acquiring a new domain means registering fresh name that has not been used or owned before, buying an expired name means purchasing an old name which domain ownership has expired and it is put on sale. Expired domain names could be purchased using different means.

How to Buy Expired Domain Names

Purchase a Domain

expired domain nameThere are two poplar methods that people currently use to find expired domains. The easiest is to purchase a domain from a provider. There are many providers and companies out there that give people an option to purchase expired domains. The cost of purchasing these domains will usually vary depending on the Domain Authority, provider, and competition for the domain.

Some of the most popular sellers will actually cost you the most. Because these providers are so well known, the competition for good quality domains can be very competitive. Instead of going to one of the big name providers such as godaddy.com, consider checking with some smaller, local providers. The is usually less competition which can give you the opportunity to pick up a good domain for a decent price.

You can also consider using a domain broker to find the good domains for you. This of course will cost you more money, but will save you a lot of time.

Using the Xenu’s Scrape Box Method

This method can save you a considerable amount of money, however it also takes quite a bit of time to do. This requires you to download and Xenu’s Link Sleuth software on your computer and also use several others tools to verify the availability and quality of the domain you are looking purchase.

Use Google to find websites related to your niche. Ideally you are looking for older sites that have not been updated and contain a lot of links to other sites. The intent is to find sites that have plenty of links to expired sites. Use notepad to create and save a list of websites that you have come up with.

Open Xenu’s software and import the list of URL’s that you discovered in your Google searches. Xenu’s will scan the URL’s from your list of domains. Hopefully when the scan is complete, Xenu’s will provide you with a large list of items it has found. What you are interested in are the URL’s that have been identified as “No Such Host”, which means that the software did not find the related link.

Export your final list to a spreadsheet and remove all lines that are not identified as “No Such Host”. Scrub the remainder of the list to eliminate everything else that is not relevant to what you’re looking for. You should find email address along with URL’s that you will not want to register such as foreign sites, education and government sites, and spam URL’s.

Now that you have your list of domains, check the availability by running the root URL through a provider such as NameCheap to see if the domain is available for purchase. Remove all domains from your list that are not currently available for purchase.

Next you want to check the remaining list of sites to for good quality. Take the remaining list of URL’s and run through MajesticSEO’s Bulk Backlink Checker. Check the sites that link to the domain you are considering purchasing. Make sure the backlinks are from good quality sites and relevant to the site you are looking at purchasing and building out.

Now that you have narrowed down your list, check the history of the site and pages using archive.org. Make sure that the site is a good quality site for the niche you are looking for.



What to Look For

No matter which method you choose to find your expired domain, there are a few things that you need to look for before making a purchase.

Make sure that the domain is relevant to your niche so any backlinks match your topic.

If using the domain for a PBN, make sure that the domain name is broad enough to cover a wide enough area for your niche. For example, a domain name about surf boards is much broader that a domain name specific to surf board shops in Florida. The broader domain name allows you to cover a broader area of subjects and provide relevant content.

Make sure that the domain is good quality. Check the history of the site to assure that it has never been used to in a way that will provide a negative rating. Make sure the content is relevant to the niche and not stuffed full of keywords for SEO ranking.

Check the links from other sites. You want to make sure that all links to the domain are good quality links from sites that are relevant to your site. Avoid sites that have spammy backlinks. This also includes links from foreign sites. If you run into a site that has backlinks from sites in a foreign language this can quickly be marked off your list.

Verify the authority level of the domain. A domain with a low authority level is usually not worth the time and effort. You looking for wins not extra work.


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