Building Your Home Business With A Great Website


You have a home business and a amazing website. You know exactly what you are selling, what you hope to accomplish, and you have a business plan to help you reach your goals using this website.

You have already made some sales, so you have some existing customers. You know that customers are what determine whether or not your business will ultimately sink or swim.

The more customers you have, the more successful you are, and in turn, the more profits you and your business can earn. When you have a great website that drives traffic to your business day in and day out, you can draw more leads and boost your customer base.

Technology Generation

Unless you have been staying home for the past 10 years, this is the generation of technology. This is the time to use inbound marketing to generate more leads to your home business that reach a larger customer base. It’s very easy these days and that costs far less than old outbound marketing methods.

You can go online today and see that many websites are just billboards that people seem to skip over. If your site is not attractive, or if it is and isn’t marketed properly to your target audience, than it will not generate any traffic and you will lose out on potential customers.

Furthermore, most people that visit will probably leave immediately. It does not matter how great it looks, if it’s not drawing the traffic that you want and converting.

technology generation

Creating A Traffic Friendly Website

How do you create an amazing web site to get found by customers?

Well, you will need great content for starters. You can either write the content yourself or outsource it to a virtual assistant.

Secondly, you also need your site to be properly optimized for the search engines. Google recommends that websites load in under 2 seconds as the internet should be fast.

You will want your website optimized so it can be easily indexed and found in search engines. To drive up the awareness of your presence, content, and products, consider also using social media.

Social media includes portals such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, and Reddit.

However, Content is going to be your key factor. The search engines enjoy fresh content and websites that are regularly updated. You can write posts for your visitors, opt in for paid advertising, make podcasts and videos, presentations, e-books, blog posts, and even guest posts.


Converting the Traffic into Paying Customers

After creating a site with high-quality, fresh, and interesting content, you need to make sure that anyone who visits your site has a high chance of becoming a customer. You will want the people that find you to buy from you.

To do this simply make sure your landing page relevant to your target audience. Think about who your potential customer will be including their age, demographics, and sex.

Make a call to action that is compelling and gives them enough persuasive details and benefits to buy from you. You can try offering something meaningful to them for free such as a contest or giveaway. People enjoy things that are free, especially when it’s relevant to their personal interests.

paying customers

Consider Redesign

If you find that your current website is lacking any of the above or is stale, you may want to consider a redesign. Yes, it takes a lot of time, but the basic return on investment is huge if done correctly.

You need to become familiar with the statistics of your current site to learn about your target audience so that you have enough data and drive for your redesign. Establish lead goals before redesigning and reverse engineer.

After redesigning, enure that you measure the results to your prior stats. Another cost effective way to do this is to perform split testing. This involves having 2 versions of the website which the visitor visits and selecting the best outcome based on the traffic and conversion.


Tailoring the Website For Your Customers

One thing that you should remember about using a great website to draw in more customers is that it is a tool that converts traffic into paying customers. It is essentially there to build and develop your customer base.

If you cannot completely rely on it you will ultimately not have any customers. In conclusion, remember that your website or redesigned site must appeal to your customer base, and not the designer which is you.

Tailoring website design

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