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Flexjobs Review - Is it Legit?

People need money to be able to enjoy life’s pleasures, and the only legit ways to have it is through entrepreneurship or employment. However, not everybody can put up a business or work outside. This is where work-from-home becomes an advantage. Working at home allows for a flexible schedule, which is why it became a hit among parents. If you have no idea how to get started, [...]

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Can You Really Become a Bank with Lending Club?

Back in the day, if you needed money, the most logical solution would be to approach the bank for a loan.  Now, there’s a new and potentially better option for both borrowers and investors and that’s peer to peer lending.  Through peer to peer lending, borrowers can loan money from a group of people instead of through a traditional financial institution.  Peer to peer le [...]

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33 Residual Income Ideas

Since most people earn through active income, making a profit from residual income seems to be something only a special few are lucky to do. This is actually not true. Anyone with a little extra money and plenty of determination can find the time to set up a residual or passive income business. What is not true, though, is that residual income, earns money while you do nothing. [...]

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Best Affiliate Programs

There are two main ways of earning money through your blog or website: you can sell a product or service, or you can take an indirect but profitable route and advertise someone else’s products.  This is where affiliate programs come into to the picture. Affiliate programs are agreements between merchants who want to advertise their products or services and another site wh [...]

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